Thursday, 22 August 2013


Reflections on the way to Stonehenge

This morning I woke with a gift the blessing of rain. Not that I really want it to rain on my holiday. Rather because it allowed me to consider the day ahead. We'd planned a long journey to Bath then from there to  Stonehenge. It would have been another day if non stop action. As the raindrops fell on the roof I thought,"we won't have to go to Bath today" and I was relieved. We've had busy days and more busy days tomorrow as we gather with the rest of the United Church Pilgrims and then into  long days at Greenbelt. The rain helped me to slow down, to remember that pilgrimage is more then the need to fit everything into a short time because I'm only here once. So we are only going to see Stonehenge. Pilgrimage is about taking the time to rest and reflect on what we are doing. So I'm sitting on a train to taking in the countryside --the lush greens of pastures and rolling hills as the train glides past cities older than my home. The blessing of rain helped me to slow down. Mind you the first clue  of my exhaustion might have been those little words "have to."  I'm looking forward to the day ahead-- the slow pave of the train and standing on ancient holy ground.

Thoughts upon return

It was amazing! It may as my fellow pilgrim Rob said be a pile of rocks, but is amazing to think that we were in a place that was built long before Jesus was born. The reason for the standing stones is a mystery but is at the least an amazing feat of engineering. The day has refreshed my soul and now I'm ready to experience Greenbelt.

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